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Get an ad-free experience with special benefits, and directly support Reddit The world of kaiserreich. Steam Collection - For all the HoI4 mods. Discord - For direct communication and intense sternbergposting. Do not post threads unrelated to the mod Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg. Try to actually contribute discussion about the mod or the world of.. Focus Trees. TWTEAW_spain (SPR) - 10 focuses. netherlands (HOL) - 2 focuses. mongolia (MON) - 2 focuses. Shadow Over Europe. free_france (FFR) - 7 focuses. Kaiserreich Submod-Kingfish. Focus Trees Welcome to the official wiki for Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg, an alternative history for Hearts of Iron II, Darkest Hour: A Hearts of Iron Game, and Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Interactive that asks the question: What if Germany had won the First World War? This wiki is meant as a.. Подпишитесь, чтобы загрузить Kaiserreich. Подписаться. Over 100 focus trees including dynamic trees that change during the game. Thousands of handmade GFX for ideas, focuses and more

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Welcome to the Kaiserreich mod! In this alternate reality, we will be playing as the German Empire, the victors of the Weltkrieg and leaders of Let's finally return to Kaiserreich for the new .5 Alpha update in Hearts of Iron 4. Many changes have been made to the AI and national focus trees so now the. Focus trees for every country. Overhauled technology tree. New equipment and unit types. Unique 3D unit models for every country. Details: The Hearts of Iron IV version of Kaiserreich is still in alpha and yet it already contains thousands of events and dozens of focus trees so inevitably there will be.. The latest Tweets from Kaiserreich (@Kaisermod). Kaiserreich is one of the most popular mods for Hearts of Iron and Darkest Hour. In our mod we ask the question: What if Germany won WW1?. All over the world chg CHG Conquering History Games Kaiserreich Hearts of Iron IV hoi4 Alternative History Progress Report Reports Walkthrough Introductory Ireland Irish USA United States Irish-American Coalition American Faction Collins Macarthur Uncle Sam Guide..

#kaiserreich #hoi4 Join me as I go through the patch notes and the various focus trees that have been updated for this new version that lands quite close to home for me, literally The Australasian Focus Tree is made for this man. 10 mo · HerbivoreTheGoat · r/Kaiserreich. When you take a look at the new CSA focus tree. 2 mo · Glocesterjavelin2283 · r/Kaiserreich. Some images are hidden because they can no longer be found or have been removed by the file host BasedNewt same as kaiserreich, Albania have focus tree, but not Greece or Hungary. From what i have read in the dev diaries they want to wait to have worked out properly Asia before releasing a focus tree for Japan , I guess they will release it later together with some chinese focus

Sweden got a new focus tree and it SUCKS REEEEE. someone should just take all the files from the mod folders for kaiserreich mod after every update and put it on mediafire and spread the link around so even pirates can enjoy this masterpiece HOI4: Kaiserreich - Russia 1 - Political Instability. Join myself and Gir (Subscriber, Discord Moderator, and Patreon Supporter) as we break new Kaiserreich ground by forming the Irish-American Coalition Founded by former Kaiserreich developers, Kaiser Cat Cinema is a collective of artists, actors and musicians expanding the World Of Kaiserreich through art, video, music and animation. His fascination with althistory and WW2 led him to join the Kaiserreich team when HOI4 released Let's finally return to Kaiserreich for the new .5 Alpha update in Hearts of Iron 4. Many changes have been made to the AI and national focus trees so now the Let's return to my favorite AI Only mod for Hearts of Iron 4, Kaiserreich. What if Germany had won world war one

Here is a version without text: Kaiserreich map HOI4. Map of the world in 1936 in Kaiserreich mod for Heart of Iron IV from Paradox Interactive. Here is a version without text: Add a Commen chg CHG Conquering History Games Kaiserreich Hearts of Iron IV hoi4 Alternative History Progress Report Reports Walkthrough Introductory Ireland Irish USA United States Irish-American Coalition American Faction Collins Macarthur Uncle Sam Guide.. ? hoi4 4. ? kaiserreich 10. Tobias Posted on 2017-06-03 14:46:14 Score: 0 (vote Up/Down) ( Report as spam) @Thealternatehistorymapper It's a map from Hearts of Iron 4 - Kaiserreich mod Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg Kaiserreich is the most popular alternate history mod for Hearts of Iron II & Darkest Hour that builds an alternate history on a Central Powers WWI victory. Originally thought by Sarmatia in 2005 the mod has since developed into one of the most fun to play with.. Hoi4 Kaiserreich What If Germany Won Ww1 Hearts Of Iron 4 Ai Only Gameplay Part 1. Hearts Of Iron 4 Man The Guns Netherlands Focus Tree Part 1

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  1. The NatPop Mongolia tree looks great. The Kaiserreich Segregation Experience™. Darkest Hour Version of Kaiserreich had Puppet Flags for both Germany and Tsarist Russia. A slight update to the Qing focus tree. Uhhh wtf happened in Insulindia??
  2. country uses generic focus tree instead of modded one, any ideas? HOI4 Kaiserreich: What if Germany Won WW1? | Hearts of Iron 4: AI Only Gameplay - Part 1Drew Durnil. HOI4 Modding Tutorial - How to create a country with National Focus, Events, GFX, and..
  3. Alright, some different HOI 4 :P I actually had a lot of trouble recording this series, thanks to an issue with crashing twice which may or may not have resulted in me swearing very loudly and re-recording this 3 times, but I think everything is working fine and dandy now, so that's good
  4. Kaiserreich recently had an update which added focus trees to a lot of countries, including Flanders-Wallonia. Tags: hoi, hoi4, hearts, of, iron, iv, kaiserreich, mod, modded, belgium, flanders, wallonia, confederation, tutorial, playthrough, netherlands, belgian, lion, roars, again, Hearts of Iron 4..
  5. Show your friends new to Kaiserreich. My Patreon page for supporting the channel I think that the Kaiserreich events on how to avoid the Spanish and American civil wars should have some chance but it opens up for some a special focus tree and if you're experienced the civil war should be easy

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Welcome to another Kaiserreich Guide! Let's check out the African Focus Trees... Смотреть видео HOI 4 Kaiserreich 0.6 Overview: Africa (Post-Mittelafrika Collapse Guide) онлайн, скачать на мобильный. 17, 182 National Focus And POLITICAL Power. For playing the German Reich you will need to go down the Rhineland focus tree (not Oppose Hitler). With Hitler in power, you get a 25% increase in political power giving you a massive advantage over your foes

LoL @ the Kaiserreich vowing to send volunteers to fight by your side. I returned France when I liberated it as Germany - and in return I managed something deemed unthinkable at that time: Full Reconsiliation with France. Extremely Fast HOI4 Timelapse SpecialRB33z Welcome to a new campaign as Kaiserreich return with version Alpha 0.6 Garabaldi's Nightmare! Thats one reason why i never could get into HoI4, the map just looked god awful to play on. The EU4 map is still the king though, but nice to see modders being able to improve things so much

#kaiserreich #hoi4 Join me as I go through the patch notes and the various focus trees that have been updated for this new version that lands quite close to home for me, literally. The new version was released just in time for the Norwegian constitution day which is tomorrow, May 17th ..hoi4 world war Paradox Interactive Hearts of Iron IV Let's lets Play Look HD pc vod fpvod video footage beta alpha release official grand strategy Mod Mods hints tips tricks guide national france Kaiserreich france ..of iron, hoi4, kaiserreich, kaiserriech, conquering history games, conquering history, conquering, history, paradox interactive, paradox, hoi, history games there is also a bug I think where you can get multiple doctrine trees at once I'm just wonder if you Conquering History games could find out.. Hoi4 Kaiserreich 0.6.2 - The end of Ottoman decline. China Tries to Defeat Japan Challenge Hearts of Iron 4 HOI4 Road to 56 Mod The focus tree would have 4 distinct parts. 1) Creation of a new faction. This faction would focus on staying neutral and countries like Portugal and Switzerland would be I've been watching a YouTubers playing as Ireland, specifically Veneke's HOI4 Fascist Ireland, and reading more about Irish history

Poland in the amazing Kaiserreich mod! VOTE: easypolls.net/poll.html?p=59109a0ae4b0ff7baeb8b9aa Subscribe: bit.ly/1TXgdEQ Art designer: bit.ly/1VJD32c Twitter: bit.ly/22Lugxy Facebook: bit.ly/1ObzvUK Patreon: patreon.com/user?u=3854454 Finally poland has a focus tree This HOI4 mod allows us to find out what the world could have looked like. Stay tuned for more Hearts of Iron 4 ai only videos in the future! Let's return to my favorite AI Only mod for Hearts of Iron 4, Kaiserreich. What if Germany had won world war one The mod is ongoing in development, various Focus Trees, Technologies, and so forth continue to be fleshed out. For those antiquated with HoI4, you know well with how the game lacks a conditional surrender feature

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Author of the Video: Alex The Rambler • Download and Play • Canada Tries to Save the UK Challenge Hearts of Iron 4 Kaiserreich Mod hoi4 • therambler146 • Today we're back on the Kaiserreich mod for Hearts of Iron 4, this time taking command of Canada and trying to save the UK! • HOI4 - Mod Geliştirme Atölyesi Kaiserreich Kaiserreich (Kayser İmparatorluğu) modu 1. Dünya Savaşı'nı İttifak Devletlerinin kazanmış olduğu bir.. Czechoslovakia focus tree where maybe you go and align yourself with the meidzmorze to help defend against the Germans or go and join the Germans or maybe just one to protect yourself KINGDOMS F1GHT TOGETHER [2] - Spain- Kaiserreich Mod - Hearts of Iron IV HOI4 Paradox FeedBackGaming

It adds focus trees to multiple nations within the British Empire: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, and the British Raj. It also expands the relationships between puppet states and their masters, with a special autonomy system that determines a subject nation's degree of independence Let's finally return to Kaiserreich for the new .5 Alpha update in Hearts of Iron 4. Many changes have been made to the AI and national focus trees so now the world can change drastically depending on the circumstance Explanation of the issue: Constant desyncs within 1-2 days of loading a multiplayer save, happened across multiple games. Have had other games where this issue did not occur. Quick questions: OS: Windows 10 HOI4 version: 1.5.3 KR4 versio.. Hi guys, unfortunately due to a major kaiserreich patch, the current save is unplayable. Please note that a lot of names of countries have Hearts of Iron IV. End of HOI 4 Kaiserreich Campaign

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  1. Hello! I'm sorry to say you are in the wrong place, the official Kaiserreich wiki has moved to http://kaiserreich.wikia.com. So go check that out, or maybe even help with moving content over from here
  2. #kaiserreich #hoi4 Join me as I go through the patch notes and the various focus trees that have been updated for this new #kaiserreich #history #hoi4 Hearts of Iron 4 is a paradox grand strategy game in which you stare at a ton of menus, fight.
  3. New focus trees for the Commonwealth nations: Canada, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand, and the British Raj. Autonomy system allows subject countries to assert their independence over time, and for overlords to integrate subjects more fully. Allows asking for, in addition to offering, lend-lease of..
  4. Download: Weltkrieg: Rise of the Kaiserreich (Discontinued) [Hearts of Iron IV]. Size: 189.4MB Views: 156637
  5. HOI4 Console Commands. Country Tags. Find below a searchable list of all HOI4 country tags, for use with console commands such as the tag command

HOI4 features a somewhat nonlinear tutorial where you will be starting off as Italy and learning about different aspects of the game. Each step will generally also contain links to in-depth info on the Wiki (more about that soon). Italy is a good country to learn with because it puts you in a pretty easy war.. Hoi4を日本語化するmod。 これがないと始まらない。 Kaiserreich. WW1で中央同盟国が勝利した後の世界を舞台にしたmod。 ドイツやオーストリアはその勢力を維持しており、オスマントルコも健在 there should be a stat in hoi4 that's the number of lesbians in your country. if it drops too low, you lose. Someone: The Totalists (the closest thing a Marxist-Leninist) faction are the bad guys of Kaiserreich HoI4 発売前情報. 練習ページ. Hearts of Iron IV: Mobilization Pack. HoI4本体+TFV+DoD+WtTが入ったバンドル Lien Original Je suis fier aujourdhui de vous annoncer quil y aura bien un mod Kaiserreich pour Hearts of Iron 4. Nous sommes impatients de fournir le gameplay initial du mod, ainsi que de nouveaux ajouts. Gardez à lesprit que nous en somme à un état très précoce de développement, et nous allons.

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Focus.AutoComplete - get all the national focuses off from you but be ready to see circumstance with AI. Finishing this list of cheats & console commands hoi4. I just want to say that try these and have fun. Cheats and commands are a new way to take your gaming experience to the next level HoI4: Modlar. Konu / Konuyu Açan. Sabit Konular. HoI4 - Mod Sorun Alanı Sayfalar: 1 2 3 4 HoI4 Interwar Mod. Development Blog. Russian Focus Tree. Posted on October 5, 2016. Regardless, here is my overview of the Russian focus tree. I personally find this tree to be especially interesting because it offers some of the most ahistorical gameplay paths of all HOI4 Kaiserreich - Somalia #1 - Long Way to War. HOI4 Kaiserreich: Leon Degrelle Returns - Wallonia #3 - Stealing Bicycles. HOI4:Führerreich - All Countries with Unique Focus Trees upon Release Turning off Historical AI Focus. Okay, I know this is a weird thing to find annoying. But the fact of the matter is turning off historical AI focus makes this game go haywire. Nazi Germany allying with Great Britain, France and Norway is comical but also annoying when trying to go to war with one of them..

focus_tree = { id = hilderania_focus. /r/hoi4modding Thread Parent Link - i.redd.it Quote. HOI4 Dev Diary - 1.5.2, Future Roadmap and Ironclad. - Made german AI focus more on non-civilian construction between 1937-40 - Some improvements for naval leader assignment to reduce reshuffling Lesson 5 - Creating a basic focus tree Warning: this is a LONG lesson that covers a lot of new topics, I will add links to skip to parts of the lesson later on in case you want to see a specific part instead of watching the whole thing. If you have a complicated question that can't be answered here properly (for.. Bütün Hileler için Tıklayın : HOI4 Hileleri. Focus.AutoComplete. Ülke hedeflerinin tamamını tamamlar. Her bir hedef 70 gün sürdüğü için bu kod sayesinde rakiplerinize fark atabilirsiniz.Not: Kullanımı test edilmiştir

Welcome to another new campaign on the channel! Join myself and Gir (Subscriber, Discord Moderator, and Patreon Supporter) as we break new Kaiserreich ground by forming the Irish-American Coalition ! Through our ancestral ties and mutual scorn for all things British, we will craft an alliance.. ICELAND NEW FOCUS TREE Millennium Dawn - Hearts of Iron 4 HOI4 In this Stream we are playing as Iceland with the New Time for another Hearts of Iron 4 HOI4 Challenge. This time I'll take command of Switzerland and attempt to survive against A simple HoI4 production calculator that will help you to assign the right amount of factories to your production lines in the game Hearts of Iron 4. The calculator will assign your available military factories to the production lines for you or predict the need of military factories for future division recruitment ЕС за Рейх - HOI 4: Ironman. Русские субтитры. Kaiserreich for Hearts of Iron 4 [German Empire] - Episode 33 - The Götterdämmerung #kaiserreich #history #hoi4 Hearts of Iron 4 is a paradox grand strategy game of logistics, warfare and planning. I'm playing the Kaiserreich mod which envisions an alternate-history scenario where Germany won the Great War among other things, and draws conclusions from it leading all the way..

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Описание. ⇅. Опубликовано: 2018-12-28. Продолжительность: 00:19:54. Hello everybody many Saints and welcome back to let's play hearts of iron for Kaiser I can add some Russian Empire let's go team on for last left off so as you can see there is a decent amount of red on our frontline at new.. HOI4 Kaiserreich Timelapse HOI4 Timelapse Chaos AI mod Kaiserreich Timelapse 0.8.4 La Bella Antillana New Mod 1936 - 1945 Germany Legacy of the Weltkrieg KR HOI4 KR Timelapse Random Focuses Kaiv took their wargoal on Wittenland focus, which asked Prywhen for support. Prywhen refused to go to war with the Coalition, and the Commune refused to back down, so they left Prywhen's faction in order to go to war with Wittenland

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Kaiserreich 0.8.4 in out Country now have focus tree • Cuba • Dominican Republic • West Indies federation Incomplete contact • Haiti; Sadly still not finished even with all the delays we have had. HOI4 Kaiserreich: 0.8.4 Caribbean update (La bella antillana) HOI4: Kaiserreich - Combined Syndicates of America #1 - Share The Wealth? Co-Op HOI4 Kaiserreich: Irish-American Coalition #1 - Ancestral Ties hoi4 russia kaiserreich let's play hoi4 kaiserreich let's play kaiserreich russian empire kaiserreich episode 1 Kaiserreich: Legacy of the Weltkrieg -- What if Germany had won the First World War? Watch the whole playlist: https Personally, I like this wacky mod and want to see what you do with it again, yet I confess I would like to see you play 'The Great War' next time around with HOI4

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Im trying out the fallout mod for HOI4 We are taking a look at this mod from the Western Brotherhood faction. Im not the biggest fan of the Fallout series in general but this mod looks promising, tell me if you would like me to play more of this andor changes you would like to see Twitch httpswww.t Hoi4 mod Equestria at war! Twitch: www.twitch.tv/theDa9L TRdownload gaming: gaming.trdownload.net/peoples-theDa9Llive Patreon Hearts of Iron 4 Multiplayer: www.patreon.com/theDa9L twitter.com/Pdx_Da9L debug_trees - Toggles Trees on/off. Focus.NoChecks - Ignores focus requirements. instant_prepare - Instantly prepares naval invasions. nu [number] - Adds the specified amount of National Unity This is the beginning of Kaiserreich's wiki, where you can find anything KR. Currently, we're still very much under construction. Feel free to contribute as we get everything up and running Focus.AutoComplete : Fokuslar anında biter. allowdiplo : Ülkeler arası tüm seçenekleri kuralsız kullanmanızı kabul eder. xp 123 : Ülkenizde 123 değerinde xp ekler. winwars : Tüm savaşlarda tüm Focus.NoChecks : Fokuslardaki gereklilikleri kaldırır. nuke 123 :Ülkenizde 123 değerinde nuke ekler

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  1. HOI New Millennium Dawn Scandinavian Focus Trees! | Hearts of Iron 4 HOI4 - AI ONLY. Today we take a look at the Road to 56 mod for HOI4. This mod expands the focus trees of most major nations in the world, The Nations of the World but only countries with focus trees in Kaiserreich
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  4. Hearts Of Iron 4 Hoi4 Bulgaria Challenge Road To 56 Mod. Making Colombia Interesting On Kaiserriech Hearts Of Iron 4 Hoi4 Mod Gameplay
  5. g A God In SPORE - Spore Was A mistake and only we can save it

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The new Kaiserreich update was recently released so I thought id give it a try! Hi Alex, can u please make a video with Denmark in Kaiserreich and Capture atleast germany. You can start at trying to capture sweden and norway and all the other countries you want, just capture germany at any time Minimum Base War Support (50%) [D} (new). - Finish Focus in 1 day [E] (brand-new) (s5.2). - Some Pointers [F]. 3) Load the game process hoi4.exe in CE; 4) Load this table and activate the main scrip

Kaiserreich, with the inter-dimensional warping Emperor, Hirohito! In diesem neuen Projekt spielen wir Hearts of Iron 4 (HoI 4) mit dem Kaiserreich Japan und bemühen uns ein neues Großreich zu errichten und Mantschuku hoi4 zombies hoiiv zombies hearts of iron 4 kaiserreich hearts of iron iv kaiserreich. HOI4 - The Megainot Line - The Episode Where Germany Kills Themselves im not sure, last time i tried to do that it reset everything, all my national spirits disappeared and even the factories i got from my national focuses where gone, i might save the game before i form it and see if its still bugged but im leaning towards not forming the CAR or CAC. Prossimi video For example focus on researching early technologies to improve them and select and modify only what you think is the most effective tech for your battle plan. These are some of the most basic Hearts of Iron 4 cheats and instructions to help you get started with HOI4

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10000 best Focus images on Pholder Progresspics, Kaiserreich and